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Sprinkler extinguishing system

A wide range of sprinkler systems were developed and successfully implemented in many different areas.

Foam extinguishing system

Extinguishing foam is essentially a mixture of water, foaming agent and air. Mixture ratio of these three substances.

Extinguishing water supply

Despite the increasingly modern extinguishing agents and technologies, water remains the most commonly used.

Pumping station

This is where the necessary pressure is generated for the extinguishing water and downstream extinguishing areas and units.

Gas extinguishing system

Extinguishes fire by introducing the agent into the protected area and maintained it within the prescribed holding time.

Fire alarm & Fire Control

It is an alarm that receives signals from different fire alarms, assesses these and then triggers the appropriate action.

Why us?

Enterprise services

Full line of fire protection from design, supply, installation, testing & commissioning and maintenance.

Certified Experience

In accordance with the requirements of international standards like, UL, FM, and NFPA.

Competitive Pricing

A major factor behind our growth and success has been the company’s pricing policy.

Integerated Services

Focuses on design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, sales and maintenance services.

10+ Years Experience

Established 10+ years ago in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, we’ve built an enviable reputation over the years.

Great Support

Our experienced fire safety professionals specialized in all aspects of fire protection.

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